• Electronic adjustment of work surface height and tilt.
  • Independent electronic adjustment of monitor platform height and focal length (forward/backward motion).
  • Digital readout of surface height and switches to preserve up to four discreet settings.
  • Super strong monitor arm supporting monitors up to 50 lbs.
  • Particle-board-core top with your choice of high pressure laminate finish edged with bumper molding.
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Revolutionize your radiology reading experience with AFC’s Medical Radiology Reading Station. Our state-of-the-art design combines ergonomic features and advanced technology to create the ultimate reading experience for your radiology team. With customizable options and premium materials, our reading station is the perfect addition to your medical facility. Shop now and take your radiology reading to the next level.

Standing Desks for Radiology Imaging Center PACS Workstation with Button

Monitor Mounts

Adjstable monitor arms on telescopic drives

Noise Suppressor

Acoustical partition blocks out noise distraction

Standing Desks for Radiology Imaging Center PACS Workstation Spec



Multiple monitor arm holder

LED task light

Dimmer switch

Blue Ambient


Cmalp mounted

Metal cup holder

Clamp mounter

Phone arm

Bottom shelf

Adjustable CPU holder

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